I’m grouchy, I’m a jerk, I’m irritable, I’m a walking time bomb. Well that’s until I have my coffee of course. Blonde roast please, preferably a pour over. Hi friends, my name is Francisco Franco, my name is an alliteration and I am a coffee snob. I’ve been in the coffee industry for three years now and within that time I’ve experienced some great lattes as well as some not so great latte’s (bubbles are not foam people). I am willing to go the distance for top quality coffee. I’ve been to coffee shops from Guadalajara to Sacramento, and I’m still looking for new tastes to satisfy my palette. Just don’t serve me anything with grounds in it because I will throw it back at your face. Just kidding, but all jokes aside I will leave you a harsh Yelp review. And don’t give me decaf please. I’m going to be a teacher, I’ll need a lot of caffeine to keep up with these kids.


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