How To

Frothing Milk

Sometime last year an old manager and I were debating the best way to make a green tea latte using matcha powder. I argued you should melt the matcha with a tiny bit of boiling water first, and then pour steamed milk over the mixture. She disagreed. She said the best way was to put matcha in a steaming pitcher with cold milk and then steam it. After three taste tests we realized that both methods were equal, what made the difference each time was the quality of the milk foam. Foam can really make or break a drink. Here’s how to froth milk.

With a Steaming Wand

Pour milk in a steaming pitcher, a little more than what you’ll add to your drink. Insert the steaming wand into the pitcher and listen for a light whisper. Tilt the pitcher and look for a swirling motion, you should still be able to hear the whisper. Remove the steaming wand at around 150-160 degrees.

With a Stove

Pour a little more milk than you plan to use in a saucepan. Cook the milk on a medium heat while you stir it. Once you begin you see tiny bubbles called micro-foam form, remove it from the stove and stir it quickly with a whisk.

With a Microwave

Pour milk into a jar only about halfway full. Close the jar and then shake it to create foam. Then put the jar in a microwave for a couple seconds to heat it up.


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