Suju’s Coffee & Tea

This Suju’s location is a better studying stop than it is coffee shop.

It has an array of tables that are not attached to the floor, which makes studying in groups easy. The cafe is rarely noisy, and is always well lit making it perfect for reading. Also, the fact that this Suju’s closes at midnight attracts many cramming college students.

The only nitpick when it comes to studying here is that there are numerous outlets around the perimeter of this location, but none at the center tables. It’s really frustrating to run out of battery then look around and see all the tables near the outlets taken. This shouldn’t happen when your main source of business are students.

In terms of drinks this place is a hit or miss. You really have to get lucky and go when one of the better baristas is working. I’ve had great frothy cappuccinos as well as cappuccinos with large bubbles filled only three-quarters of the way up. I also strongly advise to think twice about getting soy milk here as it has an excessively earthy taste.

This Suju’s has a diverse coffee selection, but they can taste a little watered down sometimes. They do have a wide variety of syrups to sweeten the coffee, as well an ample assortment of pastries. Their custom built sandwiches are also really good, but too simple for their nearly six-dollar price tag.

Coffee is by far the most important element in coffee shops. I’d honestly rather drink tea here to be sure my drink isn’t made wrong. If I weren’t a cramming college student I’d probably only go to this Suju’s if I lived down the street. 2/5 stars.