Espresso Beverages

The Flat White

Also known as an Australian latte the Flat White is an espresso drink from down under gaining major hipster appeal in the U.S. According to Australian actor Hugh Jackman the Flat White “is like a latte with a little less milk and more espresso.” There’s actually a little more to it than that mate. Traditionally a flat white consists of a double shot of espresso combined with micro-foamed milk. Unlike a latte the Flat white should be heated all the way through so the foam does not separate from the milk. Traditionally it is served in a 165 ml tulip cup, but local coffee shops do serve it in their regular sizes because you know us Americans always changing everything. The Flat White has both a bolder and sweeter coffee flavor than the typical espresso beverage. It’s the perfect drink for coffee lovers with dapper beards and flannels in search of an avant-garde morning fix.


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