Philz Coffee

Conveniently located across the street from San Jose State University Philz Coffee is a popular college hangout spot with an amazing cup of coffee.

Philz set up is a bit cluttered and there is definitely a lack of tables and chairs inside. The decor is very laid back with a couple pieces of art and coffee packs on the wall. It is pretty loud inside Philz and low lit so I wouldn’t recommend trying to study here.

Philz can be confusing for first-timers as the line actually starts at the back end of the shop. The menu is also a little sparse but the baristas will gladly help out. There are not many espresso beverages listed on the menu, mainly different coffee roasts. After some kind assistance from a barista I ordered the mint mojito.

The mint mojito is a blend of Philz signature roasts with a mint leaf, sugar and milk. The coffee was very smooth and blended well with the mint leaf. It was not watered down at all as many iced coffees tend to be. I truly enjoyed every sip of this drink as it was both earthy and refreshing. My only nitpick was that it was a tiny bit too sweet even though I asked for light sugar. I will most likely do no sugar next time.

I will definitely be coming back to Philz to try more of their menu items, but I won’t be staying. I enjoy coffee shops that are calm,spacious and relaxing; not loud and cluttered. Philz Coffee is a must try, but once you get your drink head to Caesar Chavez park or SJSU and find a nice bench to sit on.3/5 stars.


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