Brewed Coffee

Arabica and Robusta Beans

Any educated coffee connoisseur knows that the the most widely produced coffee beans are Arabica and Robusta. The main difference between the two is the taste. Robusta beans tend to have a burnt or rubbery flavor, where as Arabica bean carry a wide range of flavors. Arabica beans can be sweet, nutty, earthy, citrusy, the list goes on.

One reason Robusta beans taste burnt is because of the caffeine content.  Robusta beans contain about twice the caffeine than Arabica beans do, which is one of the reasons people choose Robusta over Arabica. Another difference between the two is the sugar content. Arabica beans have about twice the amount of sugar than Robusta beans.

When it comes down to choosing the between the two, Arabica is the clear winner. The only reason Robusta beans are still produced is because they’re a lot easier to tend to on the farm, which results in a cheaper price tag.


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