Espresso Beverages

Eggnog Latte

I absolutely love eggnog lattes. They’re the perfect beverage to sip on while cuddling up and watching a movie during Thanksgiving break. They’re creamy, they’re smooth and even though they’re too sweet for my normal taste that’s fine during the holidays.

Most coffee shops will cut their eggnog lattes with milk; it saves them money and product. Plus coffee shops get an influx of customers that don’t know what they want during the holidays and don’t want to scare them away with uncommonly thick drinks. But this is Francology, we are coffee connoisseurs. Try ordering your eggnog latte like this next time.

No Milk

Ask your barista not to cut the eggnog with milk. You want your nog thicker than a snicker.


This might sound a bit excessive but ask your barista to add ground cinnamon directly into the  pitcher. It will balance out the sweetness and give the drink more of a Christmas taste.


It’s freezing outside. Order it at least 165 degrees.


If they don’t already, ask them to sprinkle a dash of nutmeg on top. You can’t have an eggnog latte without nutmeg.


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