How To

Vacuum Pot

The vacuum pot is one of the most beautiful methods to brew coffee, it is also one of the most difficult. It requires various instruments and significant experience to be done properly. Vacuum pots are not all about aesthetic though, as they provide very rich, clean coffee. Here’s how you can brew coffee with a vacuum pot. You may not get it right the first time but keep practicing.

What you’ll need

Vacuum pot, burner, funnel with metal or cloth filter, ground coffee, hot water, spoon, mug.

Step 1

Pull the chain of you cloth or metal filter so it sinks. Attach it to the bottom of the funnel.

Step 2

Add water to your globe. Pre-heated water will make the process go faster. Fill it about 4/5s of the way up.

Step 3

Place the globe on the burner and turn it up high. Place the funnel at an angle inside the globe while the water boils.

Step 4

Attach the top funnel and it will fill with water. Stir it with your spoon and add your ground coffee into the water. Start a count-up timer.

Step 5

Adjust the burner to low. Completely stir the mixture and then stir it again at 0:40.

Step 6

At 1:30 turn off the burner and stir the mixture once again. Wait for the coffee to seep through the filter into the globe. This should take about three minutes.

Step 7

Remove the funnel and serve directly from the globe.


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