How To

Mint Iced Coffee

Philz’ Mint Mojito is one of my go to coffees. I asked a barista at Philz what the ingredients are and she told me it is a mix of their many different roasts. It is garnished with a mint leaf and can optionally be paired with cream and sugar. Here’s how you can make a similar version of this fan favorite at home.

What you’ll need

Cold brew iced coffee, mint leaves, Muddler, raw sugar, creamer, a handful of mint leaves and a glass

Step 1

Prepare a batch of cold brew iced coffee. Click here to learn how

Step 2

Pour one or two packets of brown sugar into your glass. Depending on how sweet you like your iced coffee

Step 3

Add a lot of mint leaves, around ten, to the cup and muddle them with the brown sugar. Learn how to muddle here

Step 4

Pour the cold brew and leave room for ice. Be sure to dilute it with water if it’s too strong. Leave room for ice

Step 5

Stir the mixture and add ice

Step 6

Top it off with creamer and garnish with a single mint leaf

*Replace the creamer with coconut milk for more tropical flavor




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