Brewed Coffee

Processing Coffee

It takes about three to four years for a coffee bean to grow into a mature plant. Once the tree has reached maturity, it begins a yearly cycle of producing coffee cherries. There are three ways to separate the fruit from the bean and prepare the beans for deliciousness.

Washed Processing

Coffee cherries are placed in wet mill where they are measured and then placed in a receiving tank. The cherries are then sent down washing channels into de-pulpers which remove the fruit from the bean. The beans are then sent to fermentation tanks for 12-36 hours. Afterwards the coffee beans are spread out in large outdoor patios where they dry for five to seven days.

Semi-washed Processing

Farmers de-pulp the coffee cherries using small hand-cranked machines. The beans are then soaked in baskets for one to two hours and then laid out evenly to reduce excess moisture. The beans are then transported to a milling station where they are laid out on tarps for up to five days. The beans are then hulled and then laid out on patios to be dried one final time.

Natural Processing

Coffee cherries are laid out on raised drying beds and turned to make sure the fruit does not rot or ferment during drying days. The beans are then hulled to remove the fruit and then laid out on a patio until they are completely dry.


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