How To

Pour Overs

We may have overwhelmed you with our vacuum pot and french press tutorials. Don’t be scared, pour overs are much more simple. In fact, pour overs are the simplest methods of brewing coffee. Don’t take pour overs lightly though, this method is also immensely delicate.

What you’ll need

A coffee dripper, a coffee filter, boiled water, ground coffee, coffee mug, tablespoon

Step 1

Boil water. A little more than the amount of coffee you plan to drink.

Step 2

Place the coffee dripper over the coffee mug and place a filter in the dripper.

Step 3

Wet the filter with hot water.

Step 4

Add coffee grounds in the filter. We recommend three tablespoons for every 350 grams of water.

Step 5

Pour the boiling water over the grounds. Begin from the outside and move in a spiral towards the center.

Step 6

Let that water drip and pour more water. This time being from the center and move in a spiral towards the outside and then back inside.

Step 7

One the water has almost completely dripped, pour more water in the same pattern as the second pour.

Step 8

Pour once more with the remainder of the water once the third pour is towards the bottom of the dripper.

Step 9

Serve and enjoy


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